Where’s Wally?

Wally the walrus has become quite a celebrity here in the Isles of Scilly, but not for the best of reasons. Over the past week or so he has been targetting dinghies attached to boats in St Marys Harbour. He seems to see them as very desirable beds to lie out in the sun on. The problem is he is HUGE and he tries to mount the dinghies by sticking his very menacing tusks into to them. Result – several very badly damaged dinghies.

Wally the walrus

In an effort to overcome the problem the local harbour authorities have constructed a special sunbed for Wally, using a plastic pontoon, which they have moored in the harbour with signs to keep well clear. It is not known why he is so far from his normal feeding grounds or why he seems to like human company but it is hoped he will feed well and build up his strength sufficiently to return to his natural home.

Aeolian Returns

Phil and Steve returned home in Aeolian on Friday 16th July after completing their epic circumnavigation of the UK. During their trip they experienced very poor weather conditions much of the time, which made their circumnavigation even more of an achievement. Well done Phil and Steve!

Sally Taylor writes – A Champagne reception was organised to welcome the boys back, courtesy of Phil’s wife, Helen. The boys presented their wives with flowers as a token of their appreciation.

Several Members went out in the club launch to meet them coming up the river, arriving at about 1.45 pm. There was a small number of Members to welcome them home but the good weather meant that many Members were away on their own boats.