Update: Studland Bay for Easter 2024

The following communique has been received from the Studland Bay Marine Partnership:

By the end of March 2024 we look forward to the installation of distinctive yellow marker buoys along the seaward perimeter of the Voluntary No Anchor Zone by the Ocean Conservation Trust. This will make the VNAZ boundary extremely visible to all water borne visitors to the bay. We are also installing signage telling the story of Studland in the Poole Harbour area at marinas and slipways for visitors and boat users.

Deployment of the existing eco-moorings will commence on 8 April 2024 quickly followed by the additional new 57 eco-moorings bringing our total to 87 in the bay by the end of April, weather dependent. Whilst we aimed for installation by Easter, factors beyond our control have meant a delay of a couple of weeks and we hope that all boaters will respect the VNAZ and moor on one of the ten “winter buoys” or anchor outside of the VNAZ as the perimeter will be obvious from the boundary markers, until installation is complete – and then of course enjoy using the eco-moorings for the rest of the season.
For further information about SBMP follow this link; Studland Bay Marine Partnership | Dorset Coast Have Your Say