Studland Bay Marine Partnership Update

Next year there will be 102 eco-moorings in Studland available for boaters to use, 89 of these will be managed by the SBMP whilst 12 existing moorings were converted into eco-moorings last year. Following on from a successful 2023 season when an additional 21 eco-moorings were installed within the Voluntary No Anchor Zone (VNAZ), the Studland Bay Marine Partnership (SBMP) are looking forward to a positive 2024.

We are delighted to announce that the SBMP have recently been awarded £186,000 from the MMO’s FaSS scheme to support the partnership’s continued conservation work. This next phase will see an additional 57 eco-moorings installed in the bay, and the continuation of the important work of the partnership’s research and monitoring programme.

Funds from the award will also be used to complete the formalisation of the partnership, provide more information via bespoke signage for boat users in the Studland and Poole harbour marina areas, and continue an engagement programme throughout 2024 and beyond.

In the spring we also look forward to installing distinctive yellow marker buoys along the perimeter of the VNAZ with the grateful support of the Ocean Conservation Trust.  This will make the VNAZ boundary extremely visible to all water borne visitors to the bay.  The SBMP are currently finalising details of how boat users, who benefit themselves and the seagrass by using the eco-moorings, can forward their mooring fee via a simple to use app in 2024.  The partnership is also working towards a supporter’s scheme for local businesses or individuals to pledge donations or sponsorship.

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